About us

ZuluGal Retro is driven by the belief that the arts & craft industry has potential to significantly contribute towards economic empowerment and the improvement of socio-economic well-being of disadvantaged groups. This is one of the main principles informing the creation of our high-quality handmade art products.

ZuluGal Retro provides a platform of exposure and sustainable income generation opportunities to socio-economically marginalised creatives in the KwaZulu Natal through designing and production of handcrafted fashion accessories. Our handmade fashion accessories are inspired by traditional Zulu crafts, African visual culture, and contemporary modern-day fashion trends. Our artists and crafter groups produce unique competitive products which are sold at local and international market platforms.

We also offer a unique range of fine art pieces produced by our talented visual artists.

Through our innovative creative range, ZuluGal Retro facilitates job creation, preservation of our cultural heritage, fosters economic sustainability while creating positive environment impact.

Supported by:

The National Council of South Africa and FurtherImpact